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It is a good question and of course you can guess the NLE used in the trial. It's a short video, but worth watching for the comparisons and conclusion, especially as it is the base model.

Can I Download Final Cut Pro On Macbook Air

Question: Q: Can New MAcbook Air handle Final cut pro? I want to get the most beefed up airbook that Mac makes, with 1.7 ghz dual-core i7 and 256 flash memory, but really want to be able to work with final cut pro (store the movies in external hard drive once completed). My new MacBook Air i7 (2020) for Logic and Final Cut Pro, and false 'Overheating' alarms I received last week my new Air with an i7, 16GB Ram and 256GB SSD, my demands are moderate but I do use Logic and Final Cut almost daily along with typical web tasks and light photo editing. Logic Remote, Motion, Compressor and MainStage have received similar updates to go with the ones that have been added to Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro. These software are available to download on the Mac App Store.

It is short, but getting great traction on YouTube, so we thought it would be worth embedding here on

Can i download final cut pro on macbook air pro

Dish anywhere download for macbook pro. We are well aware that with FCPX being optimised only for macOS, it is the fastest NLE on the Mac by far. This opens up many possibilities such as less powerful machines being able to do heavy lifting, especially in 4K.

As the GPU isn't up to the standards of bigger machines, the render times, exports and thumbnail generation times are going to be longer. Is this going to be a problem?

How To Download Final Cut Pro On Macbook Air

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Kraig Adams tested out the new base model MacBook Air. How did it perform?

Like any machine, if the MacBook Air doesn’t have the power you need, and you need to give Final Cut Pro X a boost, then transcode the media you are working with to Proxy and you will have no problems. Even without Proxy I’ve found the MB Air to be mighty capable. If you are planning to buy a new MacBook Pro then you have two options- 13-inch Macbook Pro with Apple’s own M1 chip or the 16-inch model with Intel Core i9 processor.The same M1 chip also.

One thought that Kraig doesn't mention is that because the new MacBook Air has a Thunderbolt 3 port and will be running Mojave, an external GPU can be used. This will certainly speed things up, possibly even faster than using a MacBook Pro on its own.

Oh, and if you are interested in the SanDisk SSD drive that Kraig uses, you can find it here.

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See minimum system requirements for Final Cut Pro.
To install, first open the disk image, then double-click the installer package. You will be guided through the installation process. If you’re using a previous version of the Final Cut Pro trial, you’ll be able to use this version free for an additional 90 days.

Can I Download Final Cut Pro On Macbook Air

Visit the Final Cut Pro Resources page for tutorials to help you get started quickly.

Can I Download Final Cut Pro On Macbook Air Pro

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