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If you choose 'Selected Contacts,' you need to click the check box next to the contacts you want to add to your computer. Step 6 Click the 'Sync' button and contacts from your iPhone are added to the 'Address Book' application on your Mac. Download Connect your iOS device to the Mac using a lightning cable. Wait until the computer process your phone then hit “Trust” when prompted. After establishing successful connection, go to the “Manage” tab and choose “Contacts” from the side menu bar.

“How do you import contacts from iPhone to Mac? I tried several times but failed. What tool shall I use to copy contacts from iPhone to Mac? Or, am I doing something wrong? I am a new iPhone user, please excuse my ignorance. :)—Amy”

In fact, lots of people find that are unable to export or import iPhone contacts to Mac. It not their fault, they did not do anything wrong. This problem persists because the iOS system does not allow copying data from iOS to computer directly. But is it not possible to achieve this?Is there any effective tool can export contacts from iPhone to Mac? Sure there is. Here, I have a good recommendation: Mobile Transfer.


Mobile Transfer is a specially designed tool for mobile users especially the iOS device users to transfer data to computer. With the help of this tool, users can smoothly copy, export and import contacts from iPhone to Mac. In addition, it can also transfer text messages, photos, videos, and other data from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to Mac.

Thanks to the friendly interface, this tool is very easy to use. With only three simple steps, users can import contacts from iPhone to Mac. Now, the free version is available, just download this free iPhone contacts to Mac transfer to your computer and have a try.

How to Import/Export/Copy Contacts from iPhone to Mac (Macbook Pro, Air included)

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to software

At first, install and run this iPhone contacts to Mac transfer program to your Mac computer, in the home menu, select Backup Options. And then, connect your device to the software via a USB cable. Soon the software will detect your device automatically. After that, you device will be displayed in the left side.


Step 2. Select contacts to copy

Next, after you have been brought up to the backup panel, you can see a list of data that can be copied in the middle window. Check the box before Contacts, and move on. Since this tool can also copy other data to Mac, you can also select other files such as photos, videos, text messages, etc. to copy.

Step 3. Copy contacts from iPhone to Mac

After selecting contacts to copy, the last step you need to do is to click Start Copy button at the lower right corner. Then the iPhone contacts to Mac transfer will start to import contacts from iPhone to Mac automatically. Just wait a few seconds, the process will be finished.

Step 4. Restore backup to iPhone(Optional)

Occasionally, you may delete something on your iPhone, but if you have made backup before, you can restore them to your iPhone with this Mobile Transfer. You only need to finish three simple steps just like that are described above to finish restoring backup to iPhone: Connect your iPhone to the software-select data to copy, start copy files from Mac to your iPhone.


More tips about using this Mobile Transfer

Aside transferring data from iPhone, this Mobile Transfer can also be used as an iOS Eraser to delete data on your iOS device. It is helpful when you need to donate or sell your device by protecting your personal data from bad uses. After all, the data appears to be deleted already may be recovered by tools like iPhone Data Recovery, see, you can recover deleted contacts from iPhone without backup. So, for your the safety of your personal data, you’d better permanently delete the sensitive data on your iOS devices before donate or sell them.

Copy Contacts Iphone To Macbook Free Download Version

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Copy Contacts Iphone To Macbook Free Download Mac

This Apple’s technology is also another top way to use when you want to transfer or copy files from iPhone to Mac. Your iPhone needs to be awake because it can only work best when the AirDrop is active. This can be used for transfer of files from one device to the other or from one Mac to another with much ease.

Step 1. Activate AirDrop on your iOS device

This is done from the control center. Swipe from bottom to top of screen to access the activation airdrop setting menu. Make the Airdrop open. This should also enable you to allow transfers either from contacts only or from everyone: Slide up to access Control Center > AirDrop > Select Contacts Only or Everyone.Then select some files, such as photos. After sending the photo or file you will see the word Sent under the person’s device in your AirDrop row.

Step 2. Connect to Mac

Mac os x 10.6 0 download free. On you Mac, follow the steps: Finder > Menu Bar > Go > Airdrop > Allow me to be discovered by > select Contacts Only or Everyone. .

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Then You can transfer files from iPhone to Mac or share files from Mac to iPhone using Airdrop. Your iPhone will be found in Finder. When you have sent the files from iPhone, you will receive an alert on your Mac asking you to approve the files. If you have used the same Apple ID as your iPhone, you can get the files on your Mac automatically.