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Download Multimedia software and apps for Mac. Download apps like DeskApp for YouTube, YTD for Mac, GoPro Studio. The GoPro Desktop utility can also be used to configure your GoPro camera and comes packed with the GoPro Studio app for more advanced editing tasks. Connect to your GoPro account and start importing media. Right off the bat, the GoPro Desktop app prompts you for the GoPro account credentials: you will remain logged in as long as you use the app. Part 1 - An Overview on GoPro Quik and GoPro Studio. Most GoPro holders capture motion photos or clips just for sharing to audiences, so GoPro company outlines the process of photo & video taking by developing many apps and software standby, in case those stunning GoPro video files are languishing away on the hard drive. Free gopro studio download mac os 10.5. Audio & Video tools downloads - GoPro Studio by GoPro, Inc. And many more programs are available for instant and free download.

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How to do it?
Download the GoPro Fusion Studio App
Note: Fusion Studio is not compatible with the Mac OS 11 Big Sur.
Step 1: Go to the Fusion Studio product page on the GoPro website. Scroll down to the GoPro Fusion Studio App section.
Step 2: Click the 'Download Mac' button
Step 3: The download should start for you automatically
Step 4: When the download is complete it should open a new Finder window for you with the installer package.
*If the Finder window did not open for you automatically then click the GoPro Fusion Studio App download in your downloads browser or locate the file in your Downloads folder and double-click on it to extract the download.
Step 5: Open the GoPro Fusion Studio App Installer by double clicking on the Fusion Studio .DMG file.
Step 6: Go through the GoPro Fusion Studio App Installer process, entering your password and confirming “Agree” to the software license agreement as needed.
Step 7: Once the install is complete, the installer will close, and you can find the new GoPro Fusion Studio App application under the “Applications” folder.
Gopro Studio App For Mac Download

Gopro Download To Mac

The above steps should help get you back up and running. If you continue to experience any installation errors, please give our Customer Support Team a shout. They will be happy to answer any questions and help out moving forward.

Download Gopro Videos To Mac

You know I do tons of tutorials and how-to’s on GoPros and GoPro Studio, but let’s back this train up just a little bit and talk about how to install GoPro Software – GoPro Studio – on your Windows or Mac computer.

GoPro makes it really easy to download their free video editing software. You’ll be editing your GoPro videos in just a few minutes with the easy installation of GoPro Studio!

The first thing you’ll have to do before you install GoPro Studio is actually download the software from http://shop.gopro.com/softwareandapp. Click GoPro Studio (not GoPro App).

  • Review system requirements and verify that your computer meets the minimum requirements for your operating system and hardware. System requirements can be found (here: http://shop.gopro.com/softwareandapp).
  • Hit “Download Now”. The website will automatically detect whether you’re on a Mac and PC, but double check first.

For Windows (PC) Users

  • After you download the file, locate the installer file. Double-click on that (it will probably GoPro somewhere in the file name). to launch the Install Wizard. The Wizard will walk you through the installation process.
  • Install the device driver from Woodman Labs. Check “always trust drivers from Woodman Labs” checkbox to avoid possible issues in the future.
  • This should complete the process for installing GoPro Studio

For Mac Users

GoPro Studio is installed by launching the installer file that can be downloaded from http://shop.gopro.com/softwareandapp.

  • After you download the file, locate the installer file (it will probably GoPro somewhere in the file name). Double-click on that file to launch the installer package on your desktop. The Wizard will walk you through the installation process.
  • You will notice a progress bar indicating the extraction process. When complete, you will have a DMG icon on your desktop.
  • Double-click on the GoPro Studio DMG icon to open the installer package.
  • Double-Click on the icon that looks like a box. This will launch the Install Wizard which will guide you through the installation process.
  • This should complete the process for installing GoPro Studio

Gopro Studio Download Free

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Gopro App For Mac