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Download Happy Wheels app for Android. Ragdoll vehicle racing game with user-created maps available. Happy Wheels for Mac, free and safe download. Happy Wheels latest version: Get to the finish line in one piece. Free Older versions Happy Wheels is the portable version of the classic flash game of the same name, in which you must reach the end of a series of levels, controlling various characters riding wheeled vehicles of all sorts. Play Happy Wheels game online for free on mobiles and tablets. No downloads or installation needed, enjoy! Happy Wheels is a physics-based side-scrolling obstacle game with over a billion online games. If there is an unprepared contestant, what are the consequences of participating in the survival game?

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How to play

How to play Real Bike Tricks on PC (3 Easy Steps):

  1. Login in your Google account

    You can find step by step guides bellow:

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  2. Install Real Bike Tricks from the Google Store.Enjoy playing Real Bike Tricks on your favorite PC!
Download and Install Real Bike Tricks on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Get The Real Racing Feel

While Real Bike Tricks may sound like nothing than a sarcastic name, once you play it then you will know what really hides behind it. If biking or racing is your thing, then the motorcycles will be yours to conquer as you play this brilliant game. Many obstacles stand in your way but they should not deter you from getting to the finish line. Get ready to skip, jump and do all you can to bypass obstacles. If you miss then you will fall into a death trap and the game will sadly come to an end. To avoid this it is important to be the best player you can be at all times. This makes Real Bike Tricks much more fun.

Brilliance In The Making

Real Bike Tricks For PC is an incredibly exciting Physics-based game that is both funny and horrifying. For instance, when you fall on a landmine, your blood is splattered everywhere. This could be a bit scary for any player but worry not, there are lots of pleasant experiences that will truly leave you begging for more. Needless to say, the humor is pretty intense. The best aspect of Real Bike Tricks is that it will challenge your reflexes as well as problem-solving skills.

Stunt On Wheels

Real Bike Tricks makes it easy for you to perform a number of stunts on wheels. Happy Wheels For PC will have you racing against a time limit through its many levels. There are an array of interactive objects that keep things interesting. In fact, this is the true definition of addictive action. The bad news is that the game is riddled with ads, However, it is possible to get rid of them for $1.99. Be ready to enjoy the very best of wheels!

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Tips and Tricks for Playing Real Bike Tricks on PC


• Figure out the goal of every level

Every level in Real Bike Trick s has a specific goal. Some of them are a skill-testing obstacle while others may push you off shift. Either way, figure out what each level requires and aim for the finish line. Even if you do not get there, do not hesitate to keep exploring. There is a lot to discover.

• Understand exactly how death works

If you lose a leg or an arm, do not despair. Ignore the blood and keep ongoing. You will only die when your head or torso is fully severed.

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• Eject when necessary

There are some levels whereby you will need to get off your bike and literally take in the environment by walking around. Take advantage of this and find out exactly how to maneuver and avoid obstacles.

• Play both the featured and non-featured levels

From the main menu, there are always non-featured levels that you can still play. For instance, a friend may take a level in their name. Check out the new list and play. On the other hand, there are many featured levels that are specifically chosen by the game’s developers. You should explore them too.


About Happy Bike Wheels:

Developer: Gald Games
Download: Android or iOS

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Maneuver your way through various obstacles and try to reach the end of the level. Expect to die a few times along the way, as you try to navigate various scenarios!

A challenging and entertaining game

If you thought driving during rush hour was hard, try Happy Wheels. You’ll have to avoid obstacles and try not to die before you reach your destination.

Put your driving skills to the test with Happy Wheels. Get behind the steering wheel and take your car through an obstacle course to make it to the next level.

Choose from an assortment of vehicles before each level starts. There are pros and cons with each car, so pick wisely to finish the scenario in one piece. Vehicle types range from trucks, sports cars, bikes, and golf carts. Challenge yourself with a flimsy and weak car, or go for a full-bodied engine to carry you through the level. There’s plenty of choices, and you can switch your vehicle several times.

Happy wheels download full version for free

Expect to die a few times before you make it through the level. Some of the obstacles involve steep hills, carrying heavy passengers, or driving next to a cliff edge. The locations and obstacles change regularly, so you won’t get bored or find the game too repetitive.

One of the entertaining aspects of the game is the violent ways in which you can die. This title shows the blood and gore as you fall to your death when you don’t make it past the obstacles. For older players, this is probably more entertaining or at least bearable. It’s obviously not appropriate for younger children, and they may not realize how violent the game is until after playing.

The game also takes up a fair amount of CPU. This slows down the other functions of your computer while this game is running. This issue occurs mostly on older versions of Windows, however.

Where can you run this program?

Happy Wheels Download Full Version For Free

This application is installable on Windows XP and newer operating systems.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Hill Climb Racing offers dozens of challenges and levels but excludes the violence, making it appropriate for people of all ages.

Our take

Free Download Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a unique and interesting driving game. It offers good challenges and variety, but the violence may be off-putting for players. It still has a great game plot and appeals to older audiences.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are looking for a gory physics game where you drive a variety of vehicles, this is worth downloading.