Install HomeBrew first

  1. Mac Update Java Version
  2. Java Download Failed Fix

The Java applet should load OK now. You may need to click on it to start it. When you are done using the Java applet, you should change the Java 'Security Level' back to 'High' if you had lowered it down to 'Medium' earlier. For Mac OS X: Click on the 'Apple' menu in the upper-left corner of the screen - 'System Preferences.' This site requires JavaScript to be enabled.

If you get the error 'already installed', follow the instructions to unlink it, then install again:

upgrade brew:

brew update && brew upgrade brew-cask && brew cleanup && brew cask cleanup

Install Java 7 and 8

People on the Stackoverflow cautioned not to install 8 until 7 is installed. So we are going to install JDK 7 first.

Unlike other version managers such as NVM, jEnv itself doesn’t install JDKs. You have to do it yourself. Luckily, Homebrew Cask made this task really easy. But before doing that, let’s check if we already have JDK 7 installed by Homebrew Cask:

install Java 7:

brew cask install java7

If you run into permission issue, add sudo at the beginning of the above command.

As of today, Java 8 is the latest stable. Run the following command to install Java 8:

brew cask install java

These two JDKs will be installed at the following directories. Your JDKs’ minor and patch versions might be different.

Enter jEnv

Now it is time to install jEnv:

brew install jenv

Add the following lines to ~/.bash_profile. This will initialize jEnv.

ps. Download chromecast for free. If you're using Zsh just like me.

jEnv doesn’t install JDKs, so we have to tell jEnv where to look for them. Type these commands to register JDKs in jEnv (replace the minor and patch versions with yours):

Mac os java update

before you add to jenv.


After that, run this command to list all registered JDKs:

jenv versions

Mac Update Java Version

The version with an asterisk is the active version.

In my case, I need to keep JDK 7 as my default version, so I set the global version to 1.7:

jenv global oracle64-

Java Download Failed Fix

And in my project, I set the local JDK version to 1.8:

The above command will create a .java-version file at project root. Its content is the version I just picked for this project:


Some Mac users say that they can't download programs from other website except Mac App Store, or they may can't be opened the download file. When they click on the download file, it says 'xxx can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer'. For example:

If you are facing this problem while you are downloading & installing DoYourData Software, you can follow these simple steps to solve this issue.

Step 1: Click 'Launchpad' --> Find 'System Preference', and Open it --> Click 'Security & Privacy'.

Step 2: Change the setting, enable your Mac can download from 'Anywhere'.

Java update error mac download failed version

If you have upgraded your Mac to macOS 10.12 Sierra or higher, you just click 'Open Anyway', like this:

Step 3: Re-download the software or re-open the download file on your Mac. Then install it on your Mac, you can follow this guide:

DoYourData Mac software are 100% safe and clean. If you have any question, feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

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