I'm pretty sure my problem is about the same. Basically I cant install the Java 7 update cause I get an error message during download telling me I dont have mac os x 10.7 or higher..but I do. The Oracle Java update for Lion just isnt recognizing it! I have mac os x lion 10.7.5 on my laptop and for some reason, certain Pogo games wont load..it says its loading but never does and just closes. I went to the help page, did what it said, I scanned for current updates, installed them, rebooted then went back to Pogo and clicked on the java test link to see what version im running. I got the error 'missing plug in' so I clicked on it and was taken to Java's website for instructions, clicked 'Download Java for Mac OS X,' then hit sytem requirements and saw that I had to be running os x 10.7.3 or above and I have 10.7.5. I was good to go, hit download and now Im here! Annoyed and confused beause updates and upgrades are pretty basic and simple. You either meet the system requirements or you dont. I meet them but cant get them cause it says I dont..its a viscious cycle and Im rambling like a madwoman! Is there an easy yes or no answer to this, maybe a follow steps 1,2,3 A,B,C you can post for non computer savvy moms? LOL I just want the handful of Pogo games I used to be able to play, to play again..nothing complicated! And why is it only some games and not all of them? Dont answer that, my hair already hurts..haha

Java web start download for mac

Keep your engineering teams focused on revenue-generating development while removing your dependency on Java Web Start. Rocket Open Web Launch is available for Windows, macOS and Linux, with both 32- and 64-bit versions available. It works with any Java version from any provider (Oracle, OpenJDK or IBM), with JREs and JDKs. Download macbook air installer. On Mac OS X 10.9 signed Java Web Start applications are blocked by default with the message: 'application.jnlp' can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. I know it's possible to weaken the security checks to allow any application to run, but that requires a manual intervention of the end user.

Im not much of a computer person, but Im sure thats more than obvious, so my apologies if my problem has nothing to do with this one..tell me where to go or what forum to read thru for help. I also want to pologize in advance for the help Im gonna need after I get this updated! lol I hear the update has something screwy with the plugins being enabled and that its another nightmare with this whole new oracle java deal. Hmmm, maybe I shouldnt even do this java update. 😕 😁

Nov 29, 2012 2:37 PM

OpenWebStart is an open source reimplementation of the Java Web Start technology. It provides the most commonly used features of Java Web Start and the JNLP standard, so that your customers can continue using applications based on Java Web Start and JNLP without any change. OpenWebStart is based on Iced-Tea-Web and the JNLP-specification defined in JSR-56. OpenWebStart is released under the GPL with Classpath Exception. For more information, read the full license here.
The main focus of OpenWebStart is the execution of JNLP-based applications. Additionally, the tool contains four modules that simplify your Web Start workflows and let you configure OpenWebStart to suit your needs:

App Manager

manages the versions of any JNLP-based application that is executed by OpenWebStart.

JVM Manager

manages Java versions and Java updates on the client.

Control Panel

provides a graphical user interface to configure OpenWebStart.


downloads and installs new versions of OpenWebStart.

Which JNLP features will be supported?

Nothing will change from the point of view of your users. OpenWebStart will provide exactly the same JNLP-based workflow as Java Web Start:

Install Java On Mac

  1. A user either clicks a link on a webpage, or an automated provisioning process downloads a JNLP file to the client. The JNLP file describes the application.
  2. OpenWebStart registers itself as default for the JNLP file extension and the MIME-type application/x-java-jnlp-file. From now on, OpenWebStart launches when users double-click any JNLP file.
  3. OpenWebStart parses the JNLP file, downloads all required resources (JARs, native libraries and images), and stores them in a cache.
  4. When all resources are downloaded, the application starts.
Java Web Start Download Mac

How do I install and manage OpenWebStart?

OpenWebStart comes in two different versions:Download
  • An interactive installer with auto-update functionality
  • An unattended installer for automated roll-outs

Java Web Start Download Mac

If you use Web Start for several small customers or on your own, we recommend using the interactive installer. Our native installer will set up everything on your Windows, Mac, or Linux system so that OpenWebStart is immediately ready to use. OpenWebStart checks for updates automatically, and the Updater component keeps the tool current without the need for any user interaction.
If you or your customers are companies with IT departments of their own, we recommend an unattended installation to roll out OpenWebStart on multiple client machines. In this scenario, the auto-update functionality is inactive; your IT department is free to plan and handle rollouts of new versions based on your internal workflows.

Oracle Java Download For Mac

After the release of OpenWebStart 1.2.0, we will switch to a fixed release-cycle with new releases coming out in early May and early November. These are bugfix-releases, which do not contain new features.
In parallel we are working on the next major release OpenWebStart 3.0. New features are developed in this branch. We will release the second alpha-release shortly. More pre-releases are planned during the next months.