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The NetBeans OpenGL Pack provides an easy to use OpenGL development environment integrated into NetBeans.

Plugin owner:mbien
License:GPLv2 + Classpath Exception
Downloaded:287,344 times
4.53, by 22 users

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Versions available

Download size: N/A Last Update: 2009-07-02

What's new in this version

0.5.5 (NetBeans 6.7 only) updated JOGL to verion 1.1.1a (security update)
0.5.4 (NetBeans 6.7 only) here. release notes.
0.5.3: NetBeans 6.5 compatibility, GLSL 1.3 support, GL Quicksearch, new NetBeans Form Designer sample projects. release info

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification

Download size: N/A Last Update: 2009-07-02

What's new in this version

0.5.5 (NetBeans 6.7 only) updated JOGL to verion 1.1.1a (security update)
0.5.4 (NetBeans 6.7 only) here. release notes.
0.5.3: NetBeans 6.5 compatibility, GLSL 1.3 support, GL Quicksearch, new NetBeans Form Designer sample projects. release info

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


  • JOGL project templates
  • Ready to run JOGL demos and examples of the OpenGL Programming Guide (also known as Red Book)
  • Integration of JOGL GUI components into the Matisse GUI builder
  • OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL 1.3) editor with compiler error annotation, code folding, syntax highlighting, auto completion and documentation.
  • Easy access to the GLSL compiler and linker of your graphics driver integrated in the editor
  • OpenGL Capabilities Viewer
  • OpenGL Quicksearch
  • Applet/Webstart support

If you have questions, suggestions or bug reports, please use the user mailing list. Adobe after effect free download for mac full version. More information and screenshots can be found on the project page.

happy coding!

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NetBeans OpenGL Pack - plugin detail

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geertjan on 7.1

How did you succeeded it .It gives The plugin Editor Library is requested in version >= error .Under which circumstances we dont need GLSL editor I want to work on OPen-Gl generally not for o specific topic

Works fine in 7.1

Hi all,
I tried this plugin, or at least a subset of it, in NetBeans IDE 7.1 (on Ubuntu) and have had very positive results:


jogl moved and is still active http://jogamp.org/

too sad that this project is dead.

and what about jogl?? i see its dead also.
very sad .


the NOGL Pack is a project driven by volunteers, I was the last active maintainer (and probably the main contributor) and had recently no time to continue maintaining it. The last build is compatible with NetBeans 6.7, no new builds are planed so far (at least not from me). Sorry about that.

this project is dead??

anyone know what happen to this project???
why they stop developing opengl to netbeans (java)???

OpenGL plugin on NB 7.0 RC1

Oopsie.. need to take back my prior comment.. after restarting NB I find that GLSL Editor was not installed :(

OpenGL plugin on NB 7.0 RC1

The complaint since 6.9 has been the following warning when trying to install: (people posting here treated like fatal)
The plugin Editor Library is requested in version >= (release version 1) but only (of release version different from 1) was found. The following plugin is affected: GLSL editor
I deselected GLSL Editor and all the netbeans installed without error or warnings. went to install GLSL Editor and found it was already installed. Everything I've tried so far seems to be working. With 128 Demo/samples, I have a ways to go, until I can say of details. But it does install and appears to work.
A few warnings here and there, this does need some cleanup

Wishlist: OpenGl plugin on NB 7.0

Hopefully a NB 7.0 version would not be too far behind the possible future NB 6.9 version. :-)

GLSL Editor not installing in netbeans 6.9

can the above be corrected or modified or am i stuck with netbeans 6.7 ?

GLSL Editor not installing in netbeans 6.9

can the above be corrected or modified or am i stuck with netbeans 6.7 ?


I downloaded the openGL pack completly but didn't work.

Provide update for Netbeans 6.9

The only thing holding me back from installing Netbeans 6.9 is unavailability of JOGL for this version. I had to uninstall and revert back to 6.8 since the plugin doesn't fully install on 6.9.
Please provide a version that works on 6.9 or some tips to get the current one working on 6.9.
Thanks for the great plugin!

A New Version for Netbeans6.9.1?

Thank you for your jogl plugin, It's really very good, I love it so much.
And can you make a version for NetBeans6.9.1?
Best Regards,

dependency problem installing on 6.9 dev

Hi, I can't install on 6.9 (dev), is there any plan for an updated version anytime soon?
It seems just a dependency but I found no way to force the installation, netbeans installer says:
The plugin Editor Library is requested in version >= (release version 1) but only (of release version different from 1) was found. The following plugin is affected: GLSL editor


hello to everyone. I am trying to install the pluging, but I have a similar error as poli´s when i am trying:
Missing required modules for Plugin JOGL OpenGL projects: module net.java.nboglpack>1.4, that is for the demo prjects, but also i have other problems when i try to install other plugins, like: Missing required modules for Plugin JOGL OpenGL projects:module com.sun.gluegen>1.06 and module javax.media.opengl> for the installation of JOGL OpenGL projects.
I have the IDE netbeans propieties:
Product Version: NetBeans IDE Dev (Build 200807040101)
Java: 1.6.0_07; Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM 10.0-b23
System: Windows XP version 5.1 running on x86; Cp1252; es_ES (nb)
Userdir: C:....6.5m1
please can anybody help me???

RE: NetBeans 6.7

HI _m4c0_,
v0.5.3 is only supported on NetBeans 6.1 and 6.5. The version in trunk already works on 6.7 but it isn't yet released since 6.7 isn't realeased also;)
I uploaded a dev build for you, feel free to test and provide feedback on the mailing list or with the bug tracker.

NetBeans 6.7

Was it tested on NB 6.7? I couldn't install all NBM files (only project support and libraries)..

Re: mac?

hi jportway,
please file an issue and attach the ide logfile and a screenshot of the error message. I have no mac which makes debugging more difficult for me.
btw: the modules you mentioned are only required for the GLSL editor, everything else should still work thanks, michael


Hi - I'm also having problem using the plugin on a mac.
When I install the modules and the IDE reboots I get a dialog saying that the editor and compiler modules couldn't be activated. The GL capability viewer is there and seems to work ok, but I can't see anything else. I'm running NB under Java 1.6.


It okay now..
I don't know why.

RE: Cannot Integrate with NetBeans Form Designer

Hi Kevin,
sorry, but i can't reproduce this. I tested the new JOGL Aplication GLCanvas and GLPanel project wizzards and both created .form and .java files. Could you file an issue on the issue tracker and attach your ide log file?

Cannot Integrate with NetBeans Form Designer

Hi, I download the plugin and install.
It work quite good, but I cannot use the Form Designer to create GLCanvas / GLPanel like ( https://netbeans-opengl-pack.dev.java.net/resources/JOGL_FormDesigner_Integration2.png )
Besides, I observed that there have a file (SimpleGLCanvas.form), but not SimpleGLCanvas.java ..

RE: NetBeans 6.5 Installation on Win XP SP3

i answered your question on the mailing lists: https://netbeans-opengl-pack.dev.java.net/servlets/ReadMsg?list=users&msgNo=47

NetBeans 6.5 Installation on Win XP SP3

The installation instructions for the NetBeans OpenGL pack
do not appear to work on NetBeans 6.5 on Windows XP SP3. When I try these instructions nothing seems to happen at all. I have a list of 103 available plugins but none of them are JOGL. Adding https://netbeans-opengl-pack.dev.java.net via Tools Plugins Settings doesn't seem to have any effect.
Are these the right installation instructions?
If not, can someone please point me to the proper instructions?

Re: Does not work with NB6.5 and Mac Intel

Hi maehem,
you don't need the OpenGL Pack to build wonderland. Please use the wonderland mailing list and website to get support. http://forums.java.net/jive/forum.jspa?forumID=112
the gl pack requires JDK 6 for most actions (GL Capabilities viewer included). If you still think it is a bug it would be great if you could post the exception to our user mailing list.

Does not work with NB6.5 and Mac Intel

I install the plugins manually (they don't appear in any of the update centers). Restart NB 6.5 and I do see a OpenGL menu item in Tools, but selecting it generates a NB error.
I'm trying to build the Wonderland source which wants OpenGL but one of the source files will not resolve the opengl import reference even with these plugins.


Thanks for the quick reply!I think the update center was conveniant especially with adding the jogl libraries.
Because when I install the jogl way the dll-s and jar-s doesn't get copied to the dist directory.
It looks like I can't start an empty opengl project only the sample project.


Can anyone help?


I tried this plugin a year ago and everything vent fine, I don't remember wich version it was. But now I have problems. So i downloaded from here '1212688694932_netbeans-opengl-pack_0.5.2_fixed.zip'. I tried to follow the guide, but there was no 'net-java-nboglpack-updatecenter.nbm' in it, but instead there were 14 others. So I added all, then installed it. Seven opengl category plugins appeared on the 'installed' tab ( http://www.imageocean.net/images/uq5t5xocoms3ybx54sv3.png ) . On the settings tab the update center didn't appear. Unlike previously jogl didn't get installed, so I downloaded it and installed it the way it said in its guide. Now I am able to compile and run the sample projects (most of it), but if I want to drag and drop one of the two jogl components (GLJpanel, GLCanvas) from the palette then I get an error. ( http://www.imageocean.net/images/tsnv0ub8i6zzb4tltii7.png )

RE: Problems

Hi mzso,
-'Can anyone help?'
I hope so!
-'not all plugins appeared in the plugin manager after install..'
thats fine, since the amount of modules is growing i desided to show only modules which provide 'features' in the list. All other modules e.g utility and library wrappers are hidden.
-'can't find an update center!..'
Thats possible, we do not have an update center anymore ;-). People complianed downloading/updating the pack over the java.net servers was extremly slow in some situations. I tried to get the pack verified in the official update center (this one here) but it is not compatible with java 5 which is a showstopper..
-'drag and drop of jogl components does not work for me'
please create a JOGL project and try again this should work (File New Project.. OpenGL category)

Thaank you for the help

Thank you veery much for yourr help, I am checking the site for more information.

RE: Help installing

hi fredcrs2, welcome aboard,
# Invoke plugin manager via 'Tools Plugins'
# Select the 'Downloaded' tab in the plugin manager
# Add the modules
# Follow the wizard.
yes its about JOGL ;) in a nutshell JOGL is _the java binding to the OpenGL api (soon for ES too) with a handfull of utility classes, LWJGL is a 'lightweight java game library' with more game oriented apis. For further questions regarding the NB OpenGL pack I recoment to join the mailing lists, for general graphics and gaming questions javagaming.org. It is far more comfortable to comunicate this way ;).

Help installing

Sorry to ask this here, but I can find the information and I am new to Netbeans.
I am using Linux, Ubuntu 8.04 and have installed Netbeanss 6.1 via aptitude
But I dont know how to install this Netbeans OpenGL pack
It is JOGL right??
If anyone can help me I appreciate.
PS: Whats the difference between JOGL and JWLGL ??

RE: RE: please help

I found the problem: under jdk-6u10 doesnt run the installer, just with an older version.
This pack is great! Tank you for the help.

RE: RE: please help

I use NB 6.1 and I dont have installed older version of this pack.

RE: RE: please help

poli, sorry but I can't reproduce this issue. I have started NB 6.1 with a fresh user dir patched to latest version and installed all modules inside the _0.5.2 zip archive. Everything installed fine without dependency problems.

RE: please help

hi poli, would you like to contact me directly or post to the mailing list with additional information like your netbeans version and if you already had installed an older version of the pack? The current version is only tested on NB 6.0 and 6.1. The next version will be probably only available for NB6.5 and later.

please help

hi! I want to install this plugin, but I always become an error:
Missing required modules for Plugin JOGL OpenGL projects:
module com.sun.gluegen > 1.0.6
Missing required modules for Plugin JOGL runtime libraries:
module com.sun.gluegen > 1.0.6
pls somebody help me.

please comment

@annonymous voter ;-)
voting with 0 stars without providing feedback does not help us to improve the pack. Please don't forget to comment esp. if you don't liked it/got exceptions etc.
btw: next version is almost ready

forgive my ignorance but..

would this work for Opengl ES?

Re: forgive my ignorance but..

Hi warsng,
I have no experience with OpenGL ES yet but there is currently a lot of work in progress to make JOGL run on OpenGL ES devices. I am pretty sure we will put it in the pack as soon as there is a stable version available.

Re: Excellent add on !!!

Thank you Alessandro for the kind words!

Excellent add on !!!

This a excellent tools for those looking for OpenGL on Java.
This tool includes all JOGL examples plus Red Book examples.
It amazing !

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