In the last chapter you wiped your data clean from the laptop. Now it’s time to breathe life back into the Macbook Pro by using your boot drive you created in the earlier steps. Reinstall Mavericks on Macbook Pro. Now is the time to install the operating system so your dead computer can come back to life. This is the fun part. I have erased my HD and tried to install OS Yosemite on MacBook Pro mid 2009. But keep getting this message 'This item is temporarily unavailable.' I've tried many proposed solutions but none seem to.

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  • I purchased my macbook pro mid 2009 used and ive recently wiped the os and wanted to reinstall it but every time I try it says that the item is temporarily unavailable. It was running os x yosemite before but it forces me to download el capitan now.
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Note: This post is part of the the series: Reformat Macbook Pro to make brand new. You can always refer back to the table of contents to follow the entire process.

We’ve arrived at our final destination. If you’ve stuck with me, you’re on your way to a faster, and cleaner Macbook Pro. And let me tell you, it’s worth it! Faster start up and shut down, faster processing and just knowing the hard drive is free of clutter and much better organized will put a smile on your face. In the last chapter you wiped your data clean from the laptop. Now it’s time to breathe life back into the Macbook Pro by using your boot drive you created in the earlier steps.

Here we go!

Reinstall Mavericks on Macbook Pro

Now is the time to install the operating system so your dead computer can come back to life. This is the fun part. You will now use the boot drive you made to install Mavericks onto your brand new Mac!

1. You’ll want to insert the thumb drive into your now ‘dead’ mac.
2. Press the power button on your Macbook (if it’s off), or choose restart from any menu the Macbook has left you on.
3. Hold down the OPTION key as the computer starts.
4. You’ll get a menu giving you options to use the Mavericks startup installer.
5. Click the installer and let it load OS X Mavericks onto your new Macbook Pro.

And Voila! You’re there. Once Mavericks is installed, you will have to set up the computer as you did when you first purchased it. Be sure to add your Apple ID and pick your Wi-Fi connection. You’ll have to add in your passwords, so hopefully you have them nearby.

Once you’re taking to the desktop, you’ll notice it’s BARE! All of your programs will be gone – so you can track down the programs and reinstall them Doing so will ensure that all of the old, uncessary files you created will be gone. If you just install and pull over content from your backup on your external hard drive, a lot of those junk files may come with it. I recommend just reinstalling software piece by piece so you know the hard drive is clean and remains that way.

Accessing files from your Time Machine backup


I understand a lot of you will want to access folders full of information from your Time Machine backup we created a few chapters ago. It’s very easy to do. Here’s a couple quick ways.

Accessing raw data

1. Plug in the external hard drive you created the backup on
2. Double-click the hard drive icon.
3. Double-click the Backups.backupdb folder.
4. Double-click your computer-named folder.
5. Now you will see a set of folders. These folders are all the backups you made during the process of backing up your data.
6. Click on the date of the folder that contains the file you’re looking for.
7. Double-click your computer-named folder.
8. Double click on the folder named Users.
9. Double click on your user name folder.
10. Now you’re free to track down your folder. Drag and drop it to the new computer desktop and you’re good to go!

Accessing Time Machine data from another computer

Macbook Pro Download Item Is Temporarily Unavailable Service

This is essentially what you’re doing if you’ve renamed your user name on the new Macbook Pro you’ve just cleaned. So to access the data from the old computer, follow these steps:

1. Double click on your hard drive, double-click into Applications.
2. Find the Time Machine icon and drag it to your dock.
3. CONTROL + CLICK on the Time Machine icon in the dock.
4. Click on Browse Other Time Machine Disks…
5. Navigate to the backup time period and drag and drop files as you wish!

Congratulations! Your computer is as good as brand new! Enjoy the extra speed and space. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please add them in the comments section below and I’ll try to help the best I can. Also, please revisit the series table of contents to look back at any of the steps.

Please let me know how this worked for you below in the comments. Are you a happy camper? I sure hope so.

Enjoy your new Macbook Pro!

Many MacBook Pro users have had a camera issue occurring on their notebook. The built-in camera on their MacBook Pro is not working properly. The camera is not functioning (even though the green indicator light may be on) when they’re using programs such as FaceTime or Skype. And the program tells them there’s no connected camera.

This is a frustrating issue. You can’t use apps requiring your camera because of this issue. But don’t worry. It can be fixed…

Macbook Pro Download Item Is Temporarily Unavailable

Fixes to try

These are the methods that have helped many MacBook Pro users fix their camera. You don’t have to try them all; just work your way down the list until you find the one that works for you.

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Macbook Pro Download Item Is Temporarily Unavailable Support

Method 1: Restart your MacBook Pro

There may be temporary corruption issues on your MacBook Pro so you can’t use the built-in camera. These issues can be fixed by a restart of your notebook. Try restarting your MacBook Pro and see if this fixes your camera. If it does, you’ve solved your problem. But if not, there are still some fixes for you to try…

Method 2: End all the processes that are using the camera

There may be some processes that are using your MacBook Pro camera and won’t allow you to use it on other programs. You should close all the processes that are using the camera to see if this fixes the issue for you. To do so:

Macbook Pro Download Item Is Temporarily Unavailable

Macbook Pro Item Is Temporarily Unavailable

1) Click Launchpad.

2) Click Other.

3) Click Terminal.

4) Type “sudo killall vdcassistant” and press Enter on your keyboard.

5) Type your password (the password you use to log in to your MacBook Pro) and press Enter.

6) Wait until the system closes all the processes. Then check to see if you are able to use your camera.

Hopefully it does. But if not, there are three more fixes for you to try.

Method 3: Reset the SMC on your MacBook Pro

The SMC (System Management Controller) is handling some hardware functions, including those related to your camera, on Intel-based Mac computers. You will fix your camera by resetting the SMC if it is this component that causes your trouble. To reset the SMC:

1) Shut down your MacBook Pro.

Macbook Pro Download Item Is Temporarily Unavailable Computer

2) Press the leftShift, Control, Option keys on your keyboard and the power button and then hold them for 10 seconds. After that release those keys.

You’ve reset the SMC on your MacBook Pro. Turn on your MacBook Pro and check to see if this resolves your problem. If it does, great! But if it doesn’t, you may need to…

Method 4: Have your MacBook Pro serviced

Macbook pro download item is temporarily unavailable service

Macbook Pro This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable

If none of the methods above fixes your camera issue, contact an Apple authorized service provider or an Apple retail store and have your MacBook Pro serviced. Please note that you may lose your data on your notebook when you are having it serviced. So make sure you back up your personal data before doing so.