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Roblox studio online no download. Roblox is a community generated free to play online game that lets you be who you want what you want. Roblox is the best place to imagine with friends. Free download roblox studio latest version 2020 for windows 10 8 81 and 7 setup for pc laptop 64 bit 32 bit. Roblox Admin free download, and many more programs. Join or Sign In. Like Roblox Studio, both Blender and Unity have free access and are available on Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems. While Roblox Studio is a great way for people just starting to learn to build and write a game empire, Blender and Unity are geared towards the more sophisticated core features that Roblox Studio has to offer, but.

An In-Depth Guide to Get Roblox Studio in 2020

Roblox Studio is a very important element in Roblox Gaming. Without Roblox Studio, you cannot use all the services offered by Roblox in a proper manner. Most of the people actually don’t know how to download roblox studio.

It is not about only for creating games, but if you want to play roblox games, still you need to install roblox studio anyway.

If you don’t know what is roblox studio, then let me tell you, that roblox studio is not only a medium to play roblox games, but also it helps people to create and publish games for the roblox community.

You can download and install roblox studio only for PC and MAC OS. There are no versions yet to download it on smartphones and other devices.

Just to know stuff, here are some general PC requirements you should consider before downloading the roblox studio.

General System Requirements for Roblox Studio

Check out the step by step methods given below to download and install roblox studio on your pc and laptops for windows.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10.

Mac OS 10.7 Lion and Higher with Intel only Mac systems.

Google Chrome OS Version 53 or above with active Google Play Store service.

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Supported System Hardware’s:

Any processor with minimum 1.6 Ghz of clock speed, At least 512 MB of Memory, DirectX 9 Graphics Card, Free Disk Space of Minimum 20 MB.

How to Download Roblox Studio on PC for Windows?

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  • How to Uninstall Roblox Studio? For Windows & macOS?
First of all, to download roblox studio, open your browser and type this link in the address bar: https://www.roblox.com/create (we used to type “develop” before it changes to “create”.)

You will see the download page appears for roblox studio like this shown in the image below.

Now click on the “start creating” button given on the page.

Roblox studio download for mac

Now you will see the site will check for the compatibility and the roblox studio availability on your pc.

If you already have the roblox studio installed on your PC, then it will show you the message accordingly. If you don’t have roblox studio installed before, then it will provide you the file to download roblox studio.

Now just click on the download studio button shown in the image above to download the studio. The latest version of the roblox studio launcher is about 1.2MB in size. The download will not take much time for this size of file.

How to Install Roblox Studio on PC for Windows?

After downloading roblox studio, now it’s time to install roblox studio on your pc. Now search for your downloaded roblox studio launcher file you just downloaded. It should be there in your downloads folder. The file should look like this in the image below.

Now just double-click on the launcher file and click next, the installation for the studio will get started. It is necessary to keep your internet connection ON while installing the studio. It needs to download additional supportive files for the roblox studio while installing it. If you disconnect the internet connection, the installation will not get completed.

Since there is still some downloading happening for supportive files during the installation, it may take a longer than expected time to install the roblox studio entirely. Do not worry, this does not mean that roblox studio is not installing, it’s just taking the longer time to download the files.

Have patience and relax until it gets installed completely. Although it depends on your internet connection and a processor of your computer system.

Once installed, you can see a new roblox studio icon created on your desktop.

Just open the studio through that icon, and you can now log in the roblox studio using your existing login credentials or you can simply create the new sign up for it.

If you are unable to login in the roblox studio or having difficulty in opening it, then try to uninstall roblox studio and reinstall it again. If there was any issue happened during installing the studio before, the reinstallation will solve the problem now.

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How to Uninstall Roblox Studio? For Windows & macOS?

Below we have mentioned a detailed bunch of steps to uninstall roblox studio from both macOS and Windows devices.

Follow These Steps Mentioned-Below to Uninstall Roblox Studio For Windows

  1. Go To Start Menu. Click on Control Panel option.
  2. In the control panel, Click on Programs >> Uninstall a program.
  3. Now select the Roblox Studio icon from the list.
  4. Click on Uninstall button appears above.
  5. Confirm uninstall roblox studio.

Roblox Studio Free Download Mac Torrent

Now you can reinstall the roblox studio again if there is a problem while roblox studio install before.

Follow These Steps Mentioned-Below to Uninstall Roblox Studio For macOS

Open Finder, go to search option and search for “NPRoblox.Plugin” If you found this item, then delete it.

  1. Open the Finder. Click on the Finder Application.
  2. Go to the Applications
  3. Choose Roblox Studio from the list of applications.
  4. Click on File >> Move To Trash
  5. Drag The Roblox Icon Into The Trash.

This is the proper way to uninstall roblox studio from macOS. Now you can again install roblox studio if you want; as all the files of the software are restored to default and now you can start reinstalling it.

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Once login, you can now have all the access to play, create and share your games with the roblox community.


Hope this guide to download roblox studio and install it on your pc will help you get roblox studio on your pc.

If you have any other problems regarding roblox studio, such as how to update roblox studio or how to open explorer in roblox studio, then don’t worry; because very soon we will be posting all the roblox studio troubleshooters which may solve all such issues currently users facing in the studio.

Also, we will be sharing some roblox studio keyboard shortcuts you can use to reduce your time of operating roblox studio to play games or create one.

So stay tuned to know more about the roblox studio and keep playing the roblox games and exploring new games in the roblox community.

For budding designers and developers, Roblox is the go-to source for scripting tips and design elements. You can create and contribute to games from different genres. If you decide to download the program, you’ll have the chance to play most games for free.

Let your imagination run wild!

It’s a popular game development platform with classroom potential.

A game-creation website, Roblox lets you upload and design your own games. You can even play the ones others have created on the platform. The website has a safe-chat mode for kids, and parents can restrict chatting capabilities using privacy settings.

Unlike competitors like LEGO Worlds and Blockland, games found in this program look inconsistent. Development by amateur developers can affect quality greatly. Some gaming environments can also be a bit scary for younger kids. The good part is that parents can modify several filters to make the games safer for kids.

Easy creation of games

Since all the creations in Roblox’s diverse ecosystem are player-submitted, you’ll find games across all genres. From role-playing games with specific goals to life simulators and survival games, you can draw up all kinds of environments.

Though Roblox Studio is for everyone, its features are a favorite for tech-savvy kids. The beginner-friendly gaming engine uses the Lua 5.1 scripting language. There’s also a library of models submitted by players. Whether you use the free version or the paid one, you’ll have access to the complete Roblox library. A ‘publish’ feature allows players to push games to the website. Invite friends to play the games you have created!

While competitors like LEGO Worlds, Blockland, and Unturned are free platforms, Roblox Studio is a freemium product. The creator has complete control and may allow other players to have fun for free or charge ‘Robux’, the Roblox currency. Robux can be used for upgrades, including game passes, microtransactions, and other items in the catalog.

Lots of learning opportunities

As a learning tool, Roblox Studio is perfect for kids and teenagers. Just like Minecraft! It can be used to learn various skills in design, logical thinking, and aptitude. Nonetheless, implementation of a learning module would require a structured and well-planned approach.

Roblox Studio offers support for learning with detailed tutorials and free lessons. However, there aren’t any ‘learner’ accounts. As such, kids can learn through creating projects and indulging in games developed by others.

While using Roblox Studio, you can reach a highly engaged and massive community. The company has successfully created an ecosystem, which lets players and creators share experiences, lessons, and ideas.

Keep a check on content

Roblox Download Free Mac

Since anyone can play and share games on Roblox Studio, students can come across inappropriate content. In order to avoid such occasions, take advantage of maturity filters, parent log-in to view activity, and a heavily moderated chat.

While browsing through content, you’ll see that advertisements will pop-up occasionally. This is quite unusual for a game engine, and is a deterrent for serious players. But you cannot really blame the developers for trying to monetize the program, can you?

Where can you run this program?

While the games can be played online, Roblox Studio for game creation is available for download on Mac and Windows operating systems.

Is there a better alternative?

The gaming engine, Roblox Studio, has also seen tremendous popularity and success. However, there could be various reasons to look for an alternative. If you don’t like the minimalist graphics, or want to try another platform just for pleasure, here’s a list of the most popular choices.

Lego Worlds:

LEGO Worlds is quite similar to Roblox. Players create their own characters to explore a virtual world. The building and crafting system supports a wide range of LEGO pieces, meaning constructions can be as simple or as detailed as you want. When it comes to graphics, LEGO Worlds is way ahead of Roblox. However, it’s not optimized for Full HD, and images look distorted.


In terms of premise, gameplay, and graphics, Blockland feels like Roblox’s clone. You can build, mine, play, and use a lot of interesting features. With its comprehensive modding capabilities, it offers a lot of control and freedom.

How To Download Roblox Studio

When compared to Roblox Studio’s community, Blockland’s troops are dying out quickly. Over the years, this genre has witnessed tremendous growth, and competitors are overtaking the game.


Relatively new to the market, Unturned is open-source and developed by amateur gamers. As such, do not expect the same level of gameplay and graphics as you would find in Roblox. Nonetheless, you’ll still find it an interesting, fun ride.

Although the building mechanic isn’t neat, and the game is not properly optimized, it’s being updated and developed quickly. Like LEGO Worlds and Blockland, it’s an alternate to keep an eye on.

Our take

Roblox Studio Download

MacRoblox Studio Free Download Mac

Roblox Studio is an excellent gaming engine with hours of player-generated content. Just like LEGO Worlds, most games are designed in family-friendly environments. While the platform focuses on a younger audience, it’s also suitable for adults.

The only drawback of using Roblox Studio is the possibility of kids coming across inappropriate content.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! The best part about Roblox Studio is the never-ending supply of fun and creative challenges to explore. Simple puzzles. Intricate cities. There’s always a design to conceive and draw up.

Roblox Studio Is Free To Download On Pc Or Mac